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" better make my bed..I need something soft to fall back on"

"Im holding on by a thread right now…but its not my string tho…."

I don get even when im upset with someone…if they feel the need to do spiteful things …ill just walk away

I burned some bridges because I wasn’t used to those

If you never get a thank you how do you know your appreciated?

More than a Crush…..

 i gotta crush…

just her name makes me blush..

i wanna take my time..

its no need to rush…

all i need is for u to be mine…

u can be my queen..royal flush…

im ready to take a chance…

just tell me wat i gotta do to gain trust..

i could love u lust..

the feeling is much more that few…

got me doing things i wouldnt normally do..

slowing falling for you like morning dew..

i wonder if i would have a chance with you..

I dream to do the things that couples do…

if its meant to be..

then you and I is wat its gonna be..

through thick and thin…

ill always fight for the feelings i have within..

and saying i love you is where i begin….


it wasnt this way in the beginning …

but shit has changed the ending now is quickly descending..

all bc the rules been bending breakin and extending

this is ur game and im the one attending..

not waitin for nothing..

no suspending..

i gave us a shot..

i guess im bartending

nigga got no tips

but ill give you some hints

i had lessons in love check my transcripts…

field study you took my heart on trips..

i would have bet it all on you ..all my chips….
all i needed was one promise from ur lips..

i guess that was too much to ask for..i had to do flips..

i cant front on eclipse….now u asking for change..

your goals ..outta my range…

the shot u took at me was too deep…

now u get no change.

i quickly end it all…fuck it all.

your easily exchanged….


she say she love me…

and her and me is how it should be…

prove ur love and i wont have to question..

your way of proving love is a sexual situation…

relationship cursed is soo not a blessin..

lust not love let it be a lesson…

if ur confused please ask a question…

i explain it the best i can..kinda like a confession…

i stay true me feelings

i put it all on the table…

im just being honest dont judge..dont lable…

if u dont like wat ur reading..

its prolly cause im at a point in my life u shouldnt be in..

i cant regret wat happened..

but i cant forget..all the funny times cuttin up and laughin…

but lighten up everything happens for a reason…

love went from green to brown..

i guess it wasnt our season….

Heart <3

heart and love come hand in hand like wedding bands

my love has no game plan…

play with hearts..

the more urself u cant stand..

in the past i always ran..

from fear of a broken heart..

now i understand…

hearts are meant to be broken..

leave u cryin and chokin…

and u think to urself ill never get over it..

its gonna take years..

but baby girl i will never hurt u..

let go of ur fears…..

Find your Love

i better find ur lovin.

i just wanna find ur heart

those feeling that u get are ones u cant help but start

miss and want when we are far apart

and when i find ur heart

the fire will begin to start

nothin to put it re-tart.

im sure ill find ur lovin.

just show me where to begin to start